Meet The Herd

The horses introduced on this page are the main horses who share in a partnership role for Cutting Edge Coaching. Most of the herd have been on the ranch for quite a few years and have spent a lot of time around people.



Tex is a quarter horse gelding born and raised on our ranch. He is a people horse and likes to hang out with anyone who wants to give him some attention. If horses exhibit the same traits as humans, he would be a prankster as he likes to poke his nose into everyone's business to watch for any reaction. Tex is Aileen's barrel racing horse and when he is not running at a barrel jackpot or out riding on the trails he spends his time playing with his best horse friend Sis.



Sis was also born and raised on the ranch. She is solid, gentle and honest. Sis has the ability to read people and respond to meet them at their level of comfort and ability. She is intuitive and interested in joining up with people to hold space as long as necessary.


Razer and Snowy

Razer (left), another ranch-raised mare, has had a couple years away from the saddle while she raised two beautiful fillies. Now that she has some time to herself she is ready to go to work with clients. Razer is alert and intuitively aware of the energy level of people in close proximity with her.

Snowy (right) was not born and raised on the ranch! Snowy is an ex-race horse who spent a couple of years running in the Quarter Horse circuit before settling in here. It took him a little while to get used to the role of an outside horse among a herd. Needless to say, once he figured things out, he stepped right up and has become the alpha male. He takes great pride in watching out over the rest of the herd. Snowy is the first one to come up and check out any human interactions.